lundi 20 janvier 2014

LastPass : The last password you'll have to remember: LastPass Security Notification

LastPass : The last password you'll have to remember: LastPass Security Notification: Update 10, May 16th, 3:20pm EST - Final update to this post, we'll make new posts going forward Actions we've taken: Multiple sec...

vendredi 20 décembre 2013

How to install and use Lastpass.

If you still don't know how to install Lastpass and how it works. So the video bellow will be useful for you.Bill Gumula has realised a video to explain how to install Lastpass. Take a look.

Now, you should have no problem to install and use Lastpass free.

mardi 19 novembre 2013

Why should you use LastPass?

LastPass is password Manager created by internet security Experts.

When you join any website, you have to give the website informations about you.
For security reasons, you are asked to create a user-name and password to access to your

We all have multiple on-line accounts (email accounts, memberships accounts, social media accounts etc).
So it's really hard to create unique and  strong password for every website we join.
Most of us choose the easy way.

  • Many people use the same password for many accounts.
  • We ask the our web browser to save our passwords for us.
  • We use weak passwords.
That's make us very vulnerable for hackers and bad guys.
  • If you use the same password and user-name for many websites, here are the risks you are taking: When someone find your details from one of your accounts, he will get access easily to your other accounts. 
  • If you ask your web browser to save your password, you are risk free.When someone get access to your computer, he'll easily see your passwords. In fact it's really easy to get saved passwords on web browser. I will not explain how to do it here.
  • When you use weak passwords (passwords: "your surname", "123123", "123456", "1234567", "your birth date", "simple word on one case"), guessing your password won't be really hard.
Seriously, I know you will tell me that it's impossible to create unique strong password for every website you join. You may be a member of 100's websites (forum accounts, email accounts, membership accounts...) and It'd be a very big deal to remember the password of each website to join.
I agree with you. No I don't agree with you. It's really easy to have no password in double when you've the right tools. Use lastPass to manage your password.

LastPass is a very powerful password manager.
LastPass plug-in works on almost every web browsers (IE, Goolgle chrome, Safari...).
Lastpass works on PC, Ipad, Iphone and many devices.

Since I discovered LastPass:
  •  I never  a password twice.
  • I never ask my browser to save a single password.
  • I never use weak password. I use only strong password.
  • The best part of all, I do not even have to remember my passwords. When I want to access to an accounts, LastPass provide automatically my details and log me in.
With LastPass, the only password you need to remember is your LastPass password.

To see how LastPass works and can help to manage your passwords easily, watch this video

LastPass is free to use. But the premium version provides you more features.

Click on picture bellow to join LastPass and get the premium version for a full month for absolutely no cost.